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Protect Your Livestock with a Fence

Protect Your Livestock with a Fence According to the USDA, predators, both wild and domestic, cost farmers and ranchers about $100 million each year in livestock losses. Losing even one animal can be too much for a farm or a ranch. How do you protect your livestock? One answer is with a fence. In this […]

New Year’s Resolution is a New Fence?

New Year’s Resolution is a New Fence? Here Are Some Things To Think AboutIf you’ve delayed adding a residential fence to your home, the new year is the perfect time to do so. There’s never a bad season to invest in home improvement. There’s a common misconception that installing a fence during the winter is […]

5 Benefits of Installing a Pool Safety Fence

5 Benefits of Installing a Pool Safety Fence A backyard pool affords you your own little slice of paradise—without having to leave the house! Finding fun at home is more important these days than it’s ever been before. You’ve picked out the pool design, decided on fresh or saltwater and started shopping for water toys. […]

Types of Metal Fencing for Nashville

Metal fencing is hardwearing and sturdy making it a preferred fencing choice. There are various types of metal fences in the market. Taking an in-depth look at the pros, cons, and applications will help you make an informed choice. We discuss metal types based on materials. Aluminum Fencing Unlike wood, aluminum fences are easy to […]

Chain Link vs. Wooden Fencing

When choosing fencing for your property, you have options, with wood and vinyl fencing being the most popular. Which will work best for you? When it comes to any kind of home remodeling, going in for something that is functional and aesthetically appealing is always a priority. While you may spend a considerable amount for the things inside your home, […]

Why Fence Kings Should Install Your Fence

Fence Kings is a full service fence company. We can install, repair or rejuvenate your fence. We are experts at installation. We are located in Ashland City and service the entire Nashville and Clarksville area . Since we are locally owned and operated, we can easily come to you and can quickly handle any problems you […]

How to Pick a Fence

How to Pick a Fence When deciding on buying a fence, there are a lot of important factors and features to consider. The sheer amount of options that are available when it comes to fence types nowadays can be daunting to look through. There are dozens of different choices to make when it comes to […]

4 Advantages of Using Aluminum Fencing and Railing

When it comes to choosing residential fencing and railing materials, a wood fence tends to be a popular choice. Steel is viewed as a strong alternative, and a vinyl fence is another viable option — but aluminum is sometimes overlooked.However, homeowners should know that aluminum makes for high-quality fence and railing products. Here are four […]

Wood Fence Replacement for Common Types of Damage

Common Wood Fence Damage Insect Damage Tennessee homeowners know all too well the dangers of a termite infestation. Thanks to our warm, humid climate, these troublesome little insects can spell big trouble for any type of wood structure, including privacy fences. In some cases, termite-damaged panels can be replaced, but all too often, the entire […]

What’s the Best Type of Pool Fence?

You have finally put in the pool you’ve wanted for all these years, but now you need privacy and security to go with it. Discover what the best type of pool fence is for your property. There are laws in place in most states that require a specific type of pool fence. Depending on where […]