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Figuring Out the Best Fence Height for Your Property

Have you been agonizing over how high to have your fence? The right fence height should be based on several different factors that will be unique for every household or business. Here are the top things to consider when planning a fence for your Tennessee property. Know Your Available Fence Height Range You might have […]


Many landlords decide to add a fence to a rental property because it affords them more tenant options. You’ll have similar considerations in your choice of fence for a rental property compared to your residence. Obviously, you want an attractive fence that adds value to the house. That said, you don’t want too elaborate of […]

How to Enhance Your Garden With Fences – Our Guide

If you are planning some additions to the landscaping in your backyard, fences are the way to go. That is, if you haven’t got a set installed already. That being said, who says you can’t refresh the look of your fences? Even a little paint can certainly make your fence go from boring to beautiful. […]

How to Choose the Fence Material for Your Yard

Call Fence Kings today to learn more. (615) 788-4461 How do you choose the fence material for your yard? Well, the most common materials for fences are: chain link, wood, vinyl and metal. Chain link and wood are usually the most popular because of their low cost. Ornamental fences made from metals are considered ‘high-end’. […]

Important Considerations for Planning Your Driveway Entrance

The driveway is one of the main transition spaces between your home and the rest of the world. The entrance to the driveway deserves its own design plan because it will impact not only the effect of your driveway but also your daily routines. Below are some important considerations for planning the entrance to your […]

What Does a Chain Link Fence Cost?

Adding a fence to your property is one of the most significant improvements you can make to your home or business. When choosing a type of fence material, consider that chain link fencing continues to be popular among homeowners and business owners. If you’re considering a chain link fence, you may be wondering how much […]

Fence Etiquette: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

When it comes to home improvement, the choices you make typically originate from your own personal tastes and preferences. Sometimes, however, the improvements affect more than just you. Such is the case for installing a new fence around your home. Having a fence can help protect both your property and privacy. But installing or repairing your fence […]

What type of fence is best for your property?

When deciding on the type of fence you want for your home or business, you can run into too many choices trying to fit your needs. Adding a professional consultation is the best way to go when going through the process and helps set the budget for your project.Contact a reputable fencing company that offers […]


There are so many fence options out there how do you know which one is the best for you? Of course, you have tastes and preferences, and you’ve certainly ridden by a fence and imagined it in your yard. But before you go chasing “white-picket” fence dreams, review a few tips while in the planning […]

How to Pick a Fence

Read below on picking the right fence for your property! When deciding on buying a fence, there are a lot of important factors and features to consider. The sheer amount of options that are available when it comes to fence types nowadays can be daunting to look through. There are dozens of different choices to […]