Whether you inherited a chain-link fence with the purchase of your business’s commercial property or had one installed years ago, it may have reached its expiration point. These fences are known for their durability, but time and misuse can take their toll. Here are several clear signs yours may need replacing.

When to Install a New Chain-Link Fence

1. Warped Frames

Chain-link fences come with frames that are designed to provide robust foundational support. However, accidental collisions and other physical impacts can cause them to warp or bend. When the frames reach this point, the entire fence can become structurally compromised and won’t provide a protective barrier for your business.

2. Rust

Depending on the fence, it may have a coating of zinc and other materials to help it stand up to different weather conditions. Unfortunately, these coatings may naturally break down over time and leave the links vulnerable to rust. Large areas of this corrosion weaken the fence and could cause permanent damage.

3. Worn or Missing Links

Damaged links can create large holes in your fence. Collisions, strong winds, and even attempted break-ins are some of the typical culprits behind worn or missing links. When the holes start to cover significant areas of the chain-link fence, it’s time for a new one.

4. Coating Erosion

As previously mentioned, chain-link fences typically have a protective coating. Weather exposure and age may gradually eat away at the layers. While new coatings can be applied, you could face the same erosion problem a few years down the road. Consider having a new fence installed, eliminating this problem and providing much longer durability.