Figuring Out the Best Fence Height for Your Property

Have you been agonizing over how high to have your fence? The right fence height should be based on several different factors that will be unique for every household or business. Here are the top things to consider when planning a fence for your Tennessee property.

Know Your Available Fence Height Range

You might have a fence height range in mind going into the planning stages. But when it boils down to it, you’re not really in charge of the range of heights you can choose from. You may be legally limited in how high your fence can be, although there usually is not a set minimum height. Your fence height could be dictated by:

  • Your county government
  • Local ordinances
  • Homeowners’ Associations

A professional fence installer will be familiar with the rules regarding fence height in your specific area.  They will also know what permits will be required and can obtain them for you as part of their service.


What is the purpose of your fence? If you want to keep kids or pets inside, you’re going to need a fence of at least four feet in height, which is well within usual legal constraints. On the other hand, if your fence is for security you will want it to be much taller and have some different features. Fences installed purely for aesthetics can be almost any height, even just a few feet.


Your budget can also limit what type of fence or the size of your fence. Our professionals excel in using a mix of designs and materials that will keep your fence within budget. However, you may still be limited in fence height depending on the other cost saving options you are interested in.

If you aren’t sure what height your fence should be or what features you need, contact us today for more information.


Many landlords decide to add a fence to a rental property because it affords them more tenant options. You’ll have similar considerations in your choice of fence for a rental property compared to your residence. Obviously, you want an attractive fence that adds value to the house. That said, you don’t want too elaborate of a fence, nor one that requires much maintenance.

Below is a list of fences that can benefit your rental property.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum fencing would be an upscale choice for a rental property. It’s not the most expensive type of fencing, but it’s about mid-range. Aluminum fences resemble wrought iron, so this type of fence would be ideal if your rental house is in a relatively affluent part of town.

While aluminum fences resemble wrought iron, manufacturers construct them differently. They start with sheets of aluminum that they shape into tubes. They offer aluminum fences as preassembled panels or as kits to assemble on-site, and these fences are held together with screws.

Though discerning eyes may see the screwheads and surmise the fence isn’t wrought iron, an aluminum fence still presents an elegant profile that will elevate the appearance of your property. These fences are light but sturdy. What’s more, they require very little maintenance and never rust.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl fences are about one step down on the price scale from aluminum, though their price points can overlap. Vinyl also resembles another material – in this case, wood. The styles range from picket to privacy fencing, so you can accommodate any style of house.

Manufacturers construct the fence panels out of polyvinyl chloride. They come as a whole panel with hollow posts, which the contractors slide down over wooden fence posts sunk into concrete footing.

Except for the most expensive models, vinyl doesn’t do as good a job at mimicking wood as aluminum does wrought iron. Nonetheless, vinyl fences are sturdy and attractive. They don’t suffer from the same issues as wood, such as splintering and rot. Nor do they require much maintenance. Consider vinyl if you want the hominess of wood without the maintenance.

3. Wood

Wood is actually less expensive than vinyl. Wood is also the most customizable fence available. The contractors can use virtually any fencing technique. You can also finish the wood with either a stain or paint, which also changes the appearance of the fence. Therefore, a wooden fence can complement any style of house.

Typically, contractors assemble the fence on-site. They sink the posts in concrete and construct the fence panels out of pickets and rails they cut on-site. Certain styles, such as privacy fencing, can also come as preassembled panels. The contractors will decide their approach based on your property.

Wood adds curb appeal because people value the look of the material. The major downside is that it requires regular maintenance – and landlords are responsible for fence maintenance. That said, you can have the fence made of pressure-treated wood, which helps the fence resist rot and insect infestation.

4. Chain-Link

Chain-link fencing can be the most affordable style of fence, though upgrades can add to the cost. A standard chain-link fence is good for basic security and to make the yard pet- and child-friendly. With upgrades, such as powder-coated mesh and wood frames, a chain-link fence can complement most properties.

The most basic chain-link fence consists of the metal rails and mesh, which the contractors unroll and fasten to the posts. Most property owners add top and bottom rails for extra security. As noted, both the rails and posts can be wood, which creates the frame affect.

Basic chain-link allows you to advertise the property is fenced in. The above-mentioned upgrades do add to the curb appeal. Chain-link requires very little maintenance, which makes it a good choice if you don’t want that task.

Choose the fence style that best fits your rental property and your budget. Let Fence Kings help you with any fencing need.

How to Enhance Your Garden With Fences – Our Guide

If you are planning some additions to the landscaping in your backyard, fences are the way to go. That is, if you haven’t got a set installed already. That being said, who says you can’t refresh the look of your fences? Even a little paint can certainly make your fence go from boring to beautiful. If you don’t have fences, adding some to your home will elevate the overall look of your house as well as offer your property a little more security and curb appeal. Here are some ideas for fencing that you can use to enhance your home from the outside:

Install a traditional picket fence

This conventional fence is quite commonly seen in America. These are popular choices for gardens. People will usually paint them white with an additional matching beam. Picket fences are available in wood or vinyl, which will be more cost-efficient and easier to clean. This will give your home a little pinch of the American dream while giving off beautiful views to any onlookers.

Build your own wattle fence

If you’re looking for a low-budget way to get yourself a fence, you can build a wattle fence with long 5-centimeter stakes of bamboo or oak. This fence will look natural and is sure to complement the landscaping of your front and back yard.

Put in a screen fence

This one is great for those who want the ultimate privacy with their fencing. If you’re worried about them looking too intrusive or opaque, you can even decorate it with flowers and greenery. There are plenty of materials and styles that you can choose from to suit your exterior design.

Wrought iron fences for elegance

These fences will look minimal, sturdy, and elegant around your home. You can choose various colors and heights for these gates, but no matter what you choose, you will get to enjoy the security that your brand new fence offers.

Consider an island fence

Ivy may be a pest or a weed in some gardens, but for a fence or wall, they can be great for aesthetically pleasing fences. They will require some maintenance, but in the end, they will look beautiful in front of your home. Not only will the ivy secure your fence, but it covers your property up a little bit while still allowing air flow.

Maybe look at some metal planks

If you want some solid, sturdy protection for your home, metal planks are the way to go. They will be durable against weather and will look industrial in front of your home. You have the option of aluminum, galvanized steel, or chain linked.

Beautiful wooden trellis fences

These fences are beautiful with climbing plants, can come in many shapes and heights, and will look beautiful by your garden. You will be able to get air flow as well as privacy with these fences.

Sturdy stone fences

These shorter stone fences can look great and natural next to nature. There are so many choices when it comes to rocks. No matter what you choose, a stone fence is sure to be durable. Some popular choices include brick, limestone, and granite. You can decide to have multiple different choices of shapes. Best of all, these fences require little-to-no maintenance!

If you’re looking for a fencing company that can help you with this, Fence Kings is your best option! Contact us today and see what type of services we can offer you.