There are so many fence options out there how do you know which one is the best for you? Of course, you have tastes and preferences, and you’ve certainly ridden by a fence and imagined it in your yard.

But before you go chasing “white-picket” fence dreams, review a few tips while in the planning stage to ensure you’re making the right choice for your new fence.


Consider your goals behind getting a fence. Is it for family safety? Do you need to keep a beloved family pet in the yard? Do the kids need a place to run around but stay confined within a certain area of your yard? Are you just looking to accent your property?

Whether it’s one reason or a combination of many, planning everything out before starting will ensure, you get the best fence for your investment, the first time.


Having a budget in mind is step one. A new fence and fence installation will vary depending on the size of your property, slopes, configurations and fencing material.


Make sure to check with your HOA regarding their standards for fence material and height. You do not want to move forward with a Tennessee fence installation without knowing the rules.


The reality is we all are busy with barely enough time to take out the trash on some days, so you need to pick a fence that fits your lifestyle. So what level of commitment does each fence take? The reality is, not a lot. But like a roof, you have to put some work in to get out a longer-term benefit.

You need to consider the upkeep of each fence type. For example, a wood fence needs the most maintenance with painting and staining every couple of years. While, vinyl and aluminum fencing requires the least amount of upkeep; although wood is easier to repair the aluminum. Again, it comes down to several factors like budget and personal preference.


Picking a reliable fencing contractor is the key component in your fencing project. The right contractor can help you in the decision-making process. Fence Kings has been installing fences in the Middle Tennessee area for years; we used the best fencing materials and top installers who are there until the job is complete.

How to Pick a Fence

Read below on picking the right fence for your property!

When deciding on buying a fence, there are a lot of important factors and features to consider. The sheer amount of options that are available when it comes to fence types nowadays can be daunting to look through. There are dozens of different choices to make when it comes to your fence, and hundreds of options to choose from. Presumably, you are not an expert on all things fencing, and so all of these different options might just seem overwhelming. Luckily for you, we are an expert in all things fencing, and we can help walk you through the process of choosing a fence type, making the decisions easier for you.

Almost any type of fence can be a valuable asset to your home, and even increase your property value. But how do you know what fence will give you what you need? How do you know how high it needs to be or what types of materials might work for you? What are some of the different fence types available, and what are their pros and cons? All of these questions can seem like a lot to handle at first, which is why we have included this guide on choosing a fence type. We have broken it up for you into some categories that will hopefully help you narrow down your choices and find the right fence type for your property.

Privacy, Security, or Both?

The very first thing you should consider when choosing a fence, and indeed something you have probably already considered, is why you want to install a fence in the first place. The primary reasons people install home or business fences around their properties are security, privacy, and aesthetic value. You can alter the aesthetic of most types of fences, ad we will get into that later. For now, we will talk about privacy fences, security fences, and fences that accomplish both aims.

Most fences will give you added security. However, the level of security you are looking for might be different. A very low chain link fence might be perfect for keeping a dog safely in your yard, but it will not do much to keep out intruders. There are different heights, materials, layouts, and features that can be added to our fences to customize the level of security your fence provides. Wrought iron and aluminum fences in particular are good options for security fences.

On the other hand, if privacy is your main goal, a traditional chain link fence will not do much. Adding vinyl slats to a chain link fence installation, or investing in a wood, PVC, or vinyl fence would be the way to go. The slats of these fences can be installed with minimal gapping, ensuring your privacy. There is a lot of overlap in function for fence types, and many of them can accomplish both aims, depending on the layout. For example, a barbed wire topped chain link fence with vinyl slats can give you both privacy and security.

Aesthetic Value and Maintenance

Another key set of features to consider are aesthetic value and maintenance. The aesthetic value of your fence may not be directly relevant to its function, but it is important. Your fence can end up a prominent aspect of the facade of your home, and even affect your property value. Even a backyard fence is one you will have to look at for years, so why not invest in something beautiful? Wooden fences are highly regarded for their aesthetic value and scent and come in a variety of options to fit any home. Their natural beauty is beloved by homeowners across the country. Wrought iron is also considered very beautiful, and will last an incredibly long time.

The maintenance of your fence is something you will be dealing with for years to come, so considering it now is crucial. Wood and wrought iron, some of the loveliest fence types when it comes to aesthetic value, also have some of the higher maintenance requirements. Vinyl and aluminum fences can be great alternatives to wood and wrought iron fence respectively because they can be fashioned to resemble the more aesthetically pleasing fence types without the high maintenance demands. Vinyl fences also typically last longer than wooden ones.


The cost of your fence installation will no doubt be very important to you. Wooden fences are often the cheapest style of fences, but they require the most maintenance, and have the shortest lifespan. You might end up paying more in the long run if you need to replace our wood fence. Chain link fences also tend to be cheaper, but you might be sacrificing privacy and aesthetic value. PVC, vinyl, and aluminum fences can all be a little pricier, but there are cheaper options in each of these categories, unlimited style options, and these fences are some of the longest lasting fence types available today. Wrought iron is one of the most expensive fence types you can get, but its timeless beauty is unparalleled, and it is incredibly durable.