Types of Metal Fencing for Nashville

Metal fencing is hardwearing and sturdy making it a preferred fencing choice. There are various types of metal fences in the market. Taking an in-depth look at the pros, cons, and applications will help you make an informed choice. We discuss metal types based on materials.

Aluminum Fencing

Unlike wood, aluminum fences are easy to maintain and do not need to be repainted regularly. Aluminum fences are more rust resistant when compared to wrought iron fence and chain link fence. It’s ideal for installation in swimming pool surrounds and other areas exposed to water. Aluminum is also cost effective and cheaper than steel and wrought iron. Furthermore, since it is low maintenance, you also save much more in the long run. While fences are supposed to be functional, many people are also looking for the decorative aspect. Aluminum is versatile and decorative. It can be made into interesting shapes and designs to suit your taste. If you want a private fence, then aluminum would not be a good choice because it may not conceal everything. Steel is also a better choice when it comes to a security fence when compared to aluminum.

Steel Fencing

The strength of steel is undeniable. It is heavy, sturdy and long lasting. Steel is excellent as a security fence because it gives a hard protective barrier. Steel can be covered in powder coating or even galvanized to prevent it from rusting. It is not as versatile as most metal fencing options such as aluminum. Steel is also expensive. It is important to get experts to install your steel metal fence due to the weight of steel. It’s ideal in commercial settings, industrial sites, public buildings, and high traffic areas.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron is famous for its durability and beauty. A wrought iron fence will require little maintenance. This type of metal fencing is ideal for residential applications due to its versatility and decorative designs. Wrought iron is resilient and can last for decades. It is hard to break making it an excellent security fence. Wrought iron is pest proof. If you are having troubles with pests destroying your fence, steel is an attractive option to keep them at bay. Wrought iron like steel is heavy and can be hard to handle. Wrought iron can also develop rust spots over the years especially when exposed to damp environments. If you notice any scratched or chipped areas, then you should repaint it. It is also advisable to sand it down once you see the chippings and scratches.

Chain-link Fencing

A chain link fence is the most affordable option for metal fencing. In addition to this, it can be installed easily, and it gives a tight and neat finish. Ease of maintenance makes a chain link a popular option. The downside to chain link fences is that they are not decorative. They are simply practical. These fences are common and ideal for utilitarian appliances and on industrial sites. They can be commonly seen on schoolyards, surrounding electrical enclosures and in prisons. Chain link is not an ideal choice if you are looking for a stylish option. These fences do not offer much privacy or protection. However, you can add slats for more privacy.

Now that you’re aware of some information regarding each of these materials you can make a confident choice on your metal fencing. Consider your needs, budget, and style to make the right decision. It is wise to consult with a fencing company for professional installations and advice about the maintenance to improve the longevity of the metal fence you select.

Chain Link vs. Wooden Fencing

When choosing fencing for your property, you have options, with wood and vinyl fencing being the most popular.

Which will work best for you?

When it comes to any kind of home remodeling, going in for something that is functional and aesthetically appealing is always a priority. While you may spend a considerable amount for the things inside your home, the outdoor part of your house also needs some love. A fence is one of the most important parts of the outside of your home and is something that you should be paying attention to. A fence doesn’t only helps you protect your home, but also improves the curb appeal of your home

Two of the main choices that you have for a fence in your home is wood and chain. Most people tend to select one of these two options because of the durability and look that they offer. However, knowing which one is better for your home is essential if you want to get the very best. In this article, we will cover all that you need to know about wooden fencing and chain link fencing,  helping you choose the right one for your home.

Wood Fence

Wood is the more opted for choice when picking a fence and has always been one of the preferred ones for those who were looking to protect their home. America alone has some of the largest numbers of wooden fences in the entire world, which goes to show just how popular this option is. One of the biggest reasons why people tend to go in for wood fences is because of the look that it can be given. When choosing a fence, you want something that is in keeping with the theme and color of your home. Wood enables you to customize and choose the fence as you please and can improve the curb appeal of your home by a significant amount. Maintaining wood is also incredibly easy, and not to mention that fences made of this material can last for a long period.

Chain Fence

A chain link fence is the second most opted for option that people all over the country go in for and is great for those who want something that is functional and efficient at the same time. Chain fences can be colored to match the look of the home, but don’t offer much in the way of customizability. Because of this, people mostly opt to go in for these for the back of their homes, since they don’t always look the most appealing for the front of your home. However, the level of security that these fences offer is incredible. A Chain link fence is rather hard to break and can be built rather high to prevent intruders from entering your home.

Pros And Cons

Before settling on one material to use for your home, understanding the pros and cons of each kind of fence is important. Below are some of the positives and negatives that you get when you opt for either wooden fencing or chain link fencing.

Pros of Wooden Fences

The following are some of the benefits of choosing a wood fence

Cost Effective

  • One of the biggest reasons why people tend to choose wooden fences is because of how cost effective this option is. Wood is not an expensive material, which is why opting for this means you won’t have to spend an exorbitant amount on your fence.

Full Privacy

  • Because you can design your fence however you want, getting full privacy in this kind of fence is easy. Moreover, wooden fences don’t have gaps in between them, which means that no one can look inside your yard and home.

Light In Weight

  • Wood is an incredibly lightweight material which means that your fence won’t have much weight to it. If you ever have to remove your fence, this weight can ensure that you don’t have a difficult time during this process.

Wide Customizability

  • Wood is one of the best options to go in for if you are on the lookout for a fence that you can customize in whatever way you want. No matter what pattern or what color you want to go in for, wood is incredibly easy to work with.


  • If you ever want to get rid of your fence to get a new one, wood is one material that you never have to worry about. Because it is biodegradable, it decomposes quickly, which means that you aren’t contributing to the crisis being faced in landfills across the country.

Cons of Wooden Fences

The following are some of the reasons why wooden fences may not always be the best option:

Limited Life Span

  • Because of the nature of wood, it can only last for ten to fifteen years before it needs to be changed and swapped out. However, changing these kinds of fences is incredibly easy, and doesn’t require much effort.

Vulnerable To Fungus

  • If you live in an area that sees regular rain or which has a high moisture content, going in for a wooden fence might not be the best option because it makes the fence vulnerable to fungus and rot.

Needs Maintenance

  • Wood tends to wear out with time, which is why maintaining it regularly is essential if you want to prolong the lifespan of your fence. However, maintaining this is incredibly easy, and dosen’t require much effort.

Pros of Chain Fences

The following are some of the benefits of choosing a chain fence


  • One of the biggest reasons why people go in for chain fencing is because of the lowered cost that they have to incur. Chain fences also minimize the amount that you would spend on maintenance.

Better Security

  • If you want the maximum security from your fence, going in for a chain fence is the better option. Chain fences can be made to be incredibly high, which further contributes to the security that these fences offer.

Low Maintenance

  • Chain fences are made of metals like steel and therefore don’t require much maintenance. Even if there is any, this tends to be minimal as compared to wooden fences.

Fastest To Install

  • If you want to install your fence easily and quickly, a chain fence is your option. Because it doesn’t need to be customized, this is the most speedy way to get a fence up for your home.

Cons of Chain Fences

The following are some of the reasons why chain fences may not always be the best option:

Lesser Curb Appeal

  • Making your home look good from the outside is essential, especially if you are looking to sell your home. Chain fencing doesn’t add anything in the way of value to your home and can actually lessen the curb appeal that your home has.

No Privacy

  • Because of the nature of chain fences, it isn’t always the best option for those who are looking for things with more privacy. If you are looking to get something that covers a part of your home, a wooden fence might not be the best option.

Less Customizability

  • Metal fences aren’t the best if you are thinking of going in for a more personalized fence. There are far fewer customizability options for metal fences, which is also why people tend to opt for wooden fences over chain fences.

Overall, neither is a bad choice when it comes to your fencing needs. With the help of our fencing experts and our on site estimates, Fence Kings can get you set up with a brand new fence in no time! Give us a call at 615-788-4461 or fill out a request form HERE.

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