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Want to have a fence installed around your yard? The biggest decision you will need to make is what kind of material you use to build it. You will want to know the benefits of five of the most popular materials to assist your decision-making process.


Many homeowners love aluminum because the material does not rust like iron fencing material does. Aluminum stays relatively maintenance-free, since it will not require sealing or painting aluminum over the years to maintain its looks. The versatility of aluminum will help the material conform to any elevated landscape, such as slopes that require an edge on the ground without any gaps.Know that aluminum fencing is an environmentally friendly fencing material. Aluminum is a material that is easy to recycle, so when the day to replace the fence eventually comes, you can have peace of mind knowing that the material can be repurposed by making it into something else.


Chain-link fencing is often thought of as being unable to provide privacy. While the lack of privacy may be true at first, you can always modify a chain-link fence to transform it later. For example, you can place metal or plastic slats between the links of the fence, which will make it difficult for others to see into your yard. This gives you the option to add privacy or take it away when you want to.Some homeowners enjoy using the metal fencing material to grow plants that weave through the links. The gaps make chain link a great material for climbing plants. The price of chain-link fencing will also make it an affordable fencing material for any budget.


Wood is an easy material to repair if your fence becomes damaged. Each board on a wood fence can be removed and replaced with a new board if needed, making it possible to fix a wood fence with a minimal amount of materials on hand.Pressure-treated wood has the capability to keep insects away from the material and last up to 30 years. You will get extra longevity out of the pressure-treated wood and limit the amount of maintenance that needs to be done in the form of sealing and painting. That said, painting is always an option with wood fencing if you want to change up the color.


PVC material will be impermeable, which makes it a long-lasting material that can easily outperform other materials. There is no painting, staining, or sealing involved with PVC material, and PVC will do a great job at maintaining its natural color over time.PVC is manufactured with the color throughout all of the material, so even deep scratches will not damage the look of a PVC fence that much. This highly durable material will be a great choice for those who have pets in their backyard that can claw at the fencing material. The installation of PVC fencing is also quite easy, with there being large sections of fencing rather than individual pieces that need to be placed.