New Horizontal Cedar Fence in Smyrna, TN

Check out this new Horizontal Cedar Fence in Smyrna TN. This home owner had a specific design in mind and asked for our craftsman to build this alternating cedar fence with varying widths and spacing. We were happy to assist the home owner with this fantastic design to create an outstanding fence. Give us a call today if you are interested in a free onsite quote:

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Should a fence company use sub-contractors?

It isn’t uncommon for fence builders to use sub-contractor on projects and there are different ways a company might employ sub-contractors. Some use them only for the installation portion of a job while other fence companies might have independent subs working in sales as well. In our experience companies who use sub-contractors run a greater risk of unreliable service but there are other risks as well. In the Nashville area, the bigger fence companies will typically use sub-contractors to build fences. At Fence Kings, we use all employed carpenters. Our fence builders are employees within our company and you will always get the outstanding service from Fence Kings of a fence company with employees, not sub-contractors.

Risks of Sub-Contractors:

1. Often uninsured

2. Schedules set by contractor, not company

3. Unknown background of workers

4. Typically not covered under warranty

5. Could be inexperienced or day-laborers

The biggest difference between companies who use sub-contractors and those who don’t often shows in the quality of the installation. Typically, sub-contractors are paid by the foot of installed fence each day. For them to make more money they need to complete a job quickly so they can move on to the next. While you might want a job to be finished quickly so you can get back to your outdoor activities, jeopardizing quality can create unexpected repair needs in the future.

It’s important in the researching and proposal process to ask the companies bidding out the project who will be working in your yard. Having comfort in knowing what company and who’s employees will be at your home is important to many people. In addition, you deserve to have top-notch quality fence installation for the investment you are making.

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